Archroma’s Eco-Advanced Dyes selected by Trusty for their new “Eco Pocketing” Range

Reinach, Switzerland, 14 August 2017 – As water scarcity continues to challenge the planet and is expected to become even more critical into the future, Trusty and Archroma have taken action with a united partnership to reduce water usage in the textile industry and conserve this necessary and precious resource.

Trusty is a leading specialist in pocketing materials, as well as waistband, linings and other core fabrications. The company produces and supplies its expert products to global retail and apparel brands with focus on the better and the designer markets.

Trusty developed its new “ECO POCKETING” range in collaboration with Archroma, a global chemical expert recognized in the textile industry for contributing to more sustainable textile manufacturing with a continuous flow of new product and process innovations.

(Photo: Trusty Trading Co.)

Trusty selected Archroma’s technology for the substantial amounts of water that can be saved during the dyeing process with Optisul ® C dyes. The “ECO POCKETING” range allows apparel suppliers, brand and retailers to combine beautiful inspiration, performance and the very soul of sustainability. In addition, the sustainability of the “ECO POCKETING” range can be measured and substantiated with Archroma’s ONE WAY sustainability Calculator tool.

Archroma’s ONE WAY Score Card – Optisul® C dyeing technology compared to a benchmark reactive dyeing process for deep to medium shades

Optisul® C dyes are sulfide-free, bluesign approved, GOTS approved, ZDHC MRSL compliant, Oeko-Tex compliant and EU Ecolabel compliant.

The new “ECO POCKETING” range was displayed at TEXWORLD USA 2017 at Trusty’s booth.