Are you sure that your OBA is 100% what you expect?

21 March 2017 -Take advantage of Archroma’s offer of free* testing throughout April and May**

Throughout April and May 2017, OBA users worldwide can request support to monitor the strength of OBA products they have in stock, whatever the source.

Archroma will provide the support either via direct testing by our labs or through the loan of a dedicated spectrophotometer for up to a month (with specialist advice on its use if needed).

OBAs are typically supplied to the customer in the form of solutions in water, enabling both easy and safe metering.

At a time when there are reports in the marketplace of some paper mills seemingly being supplied with products of unexpectedly low performance, or with product concentration surprisingly varying over time, Archroma demonstrates its commitment to delivering a consistent quality.

At Archroma, we continuously challenge the status quo in the deep belief that we can make our industry sustainable. That is why we are firmly committed to supporting the highest standards of both OBA quality and sustainability in the marketplace.

We want papermakers to be confident that they receive products with consistent strength from their suppliers. Conducting their own control using a spectrophotometer can help provide an added level of assurance; they can see the strength for themselves and ensure best cost in use.

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*Limited conditions apply. Archroma reserves its right to decline the service or decide on its extent.
**Beyond that term, we are still willing to support – don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lab testing of OBA solutions using a spectrophotometer at Archroma

Lab testing of OBA solutions using a spectrophotometer at Archroma