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Digital textile printing is the fastest growing segment within textile printing. Increasingly, more printing mills are making the transition from conventional to digital printing. More than 20 billion linear meters of printed textiles are produced every year; currently, only around five percent of these are made using digital printing techniques. However, digital textile printing has an average growth of around 25% per year.

Archroma, a recognized global leader in integrated solutions for printing, is also investing in digital printing, bringing high innovation, creativity, quality and sustainability.

Together with our expertise, we bring economical benefits with wider design possibilities, opening new business opportunities for digital textile printers.

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Our patented Inkpresso® system brings economical benefits together with wider design possibilities, sustainability and opens new business opportunities for digital textile printers.

Archroma Inkpresso® system

Inkpresso® brings together benefits that were unattainable so far in inkjet printing: Production flexibility, no shelf-life problems, a larger color spectrum and the possibility of an individual coloristic variant.

Our Inkpresso® system is a paradigm shift, it allows you to manufacture your own inks close to the printing machines, ensuring high stability and full transparency of the synthesis, purification and accurate control over ink expiration.

Ink Formulation Unit (IFU)

The central component of the system is the Ink Formulation Unit (IFU), where each color are mixed in separate units. The IFU is designed for use exclusively with Archroma’s Solar® Reactive Dyes and Solar® Compound to create bright shades and deep yield.

Create your color ink library with the Archroma Digital printing portfolio, by mixing the eight high-quality available color modules and preparing them on site under design demand.

The Archroma Way to a Sustainable World: Safe, Efficient, Enhanced

As a global leader in color and specialty chemicals, we are committed to develop innovative systems and services to provide you with custom solutions that are:

Safe – It’s our nature to protect. Safe to use, safe to release and safe to wear.

Efficient – It’s our nature to rethink sustainable manufacturing. Innovating application processes that minimize resources and maximize productivity.

Enhanced – It’s our nature to add another level of value. Innovation is critical. With it, we create additional effects, functionalities and aesthetics and sustainable differentiation to bring additional value, helping consumers to achieve their goals, for a life enhanced.

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