Soft to touch, hard to break

These garments have their own demands since they are worn near to skin. Perfect color matching of each component, high fastness and good leveling. Breathability and moisture management are important requirements but also the fabric should have a nice handle, and feel soft and comfortable.

Swimwear garments have their own demands due to the use and extremes they are subjected to. Chlorine, salt and UV waves put fabric quality and durability to the test.

Archroma’s system solutions for lingerie and swimwear have been designed to take up the challenge.

The Archroma way: safe, efficient, enhanced. It’s our nature.

From fiber to finish Archroma plays a key role throughout the entire textile supply chain, with special system solutions for spinning, sizing, pretreatment, dyeing, printing and digital printing, as well as finishing.


Spinning & sizing
Touch & feel effects
Moisture management & thermo control

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