Greenpeace has recently released an update on the “Detox” campaign started 7 years ago, mentioning that 15% of the textile industry is on board. 15% is a great start, but it can only be the beginning

We need more players in the textile industries – the other 85%, to join the chemical forerunners who, like Archroma, are pushing for a cleaner and safer fashion. We have innovations and solutions, they are there, available to the brands and textile manufacturers who are serious about making the textile industry more sustainable – it’s an issue of choice, not availability. Cleaner and safer fashion should be the standard, not an option.

15% is a great start, but it can only be the beginning

The Greenpeace report makes another important point: we need to question the way we consume. According to the Global Footprint Network, humanity uses the equivalent of 1.7 Earths to provide the resources we use and absorb our waste. We need to combine our efforts in several directions. Sure, we do need to detox our fashion, but at the same, we also must act upon the good old “3R’s” (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), buy less and more durable clothes and become more responsible consumers.

Our kids are relying on us to act responsibly.

Read the Greenpeace article with link to the full report here.

James Carnahan

Based in Singapore, James Carnahan is currently responsible to further intensify the business focus on more sustainable solutions for the textile value chain. With 38 years' experience in the textile industry James started his career working in fabric manufacture, in a textile mill, applying the principles of quality assurance in order to develop and maximize "right first time" processes in the exhaust dyeing of cotton, polyester and blends thereof. A move to ICI, and later BASF provided James with the opportunity to use his industry experience to continue this approach in the development and the resultant sales & marketing of textile dyes and chemicals which provide many solutions aimed at process re-engineering in fabric manufacture to reduce environmental impact and resources requirements. During his career James has travelled to and supported many markets, having been based in South Africa, Italy, Germany, China and Singapore. James Is very passionate towards Improving the sustainability footprint of the value chains that Archroma serves, In particular textiles, especially having visited and seen the results of malpractice In a number of low cost labor markets - surprisingly still evident in the 21st century.


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