Stacy Headden knows better than anyone that the effort he invests into his work will determine the reward… And he likes big rewards!

A true veteran of the company, Stacy started at Archroma long before it became Archroma. He joined the Clariant team at the Martin Plant in 1990 and has since rightfully earned his current place as Co-producer BU Segment Manager and HOS (Head of Sales) New Market Development (North America).

According to Stacy, the recent spin-off has been more than simply a positive experience. He has been truly impressed by Archroma’s clear direction and, in particular, the emerging focus on safety. “It is now odd to not start a meeting with a safety topic,” He explains. “This cultural shift shows Archroma’s commitment to change and to what is important.”

Stacy loves being part of a welcoming professional environment that encourages staff to share ideas. Archroma, he says, has nurtured confident and motivated employees who, in turn, make Archroma a better and more successful company.

You reap what you sow.

His successes, both personal and professional, speak to the truth of this mantra. At home, Stacy is constantly inspired and encouraged by his family and friends. Through these relationships, he has learned respect, patience, and honesty – all virtues that he brings to work with him at Archroma.


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