Sustainability at Archroma essentially means being a responsible stakeholder within the value chains in which we operate:

  • To ensure that our products and services do not impose any detrimental risk towards health or to the environment;
  • To develop technologies that enable reductions in resources required for production, not only in our own manufacturing but in also more importantly in downstream production of the value chain, where we can lever significant sustainability impacts of our customers;
  • To ensure a long-term business platform to enable a continued return on investment for our investors and thus sustain our ability to make positive impact.

Consumers aspire to goods that bring them function, beauty ... and meaning – goods that are made in a more sustainable and responsible way. Archroma makes a positive contribution to this aspiration across all its core areas. All core business units are creating powerful new processes:

  • Processes that enable us to get more from less;
  • Processes and products that support our customers’ sustainability ambitions;
  • Processes that help us contribute to a bright and beautiful world.

The Archroma “ecosystem” – an integrated approach

Our purpose is to create chemical technologies that minimize environmental impact at all stages in a product’s life cycle, from extraction to disposal:

In order to do this, our strategy consists of pursuing 4 objectives:

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