Archroma has implemented a binding Code of Conduct for all vendors, their employees and subcontractors, to follow when conducting business with or on behalf of Archroma.

Accordingly, Archroma’s suppliers, while conducting business with Archroma, are expected to act and operate with the same integrity and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The Archroma Suppliers Code of Conduct clearly states that Archroma expects its suppliers to share its commitment to ethical business practices, human rights, labor standards, anti-corruption and not to allow modern slavery and child labor.

All suppliers are expected to jointly improve and develop innovative and sustainable solutions. Being a responsible chemical company, we expect our suppliers to work in line with Responsible Care® principles and to continuously improve their sustainability efforts. Archroma expects its suppliers to ensure compliance with applicable environment, health and safety laws and regulations, including ensuring the protection of the health and safety of employees and the local neighborhoods of the sites or locations they are operating in.

Suppliers will value free and fair competition throughout the world; respect the applicable trade control regulations, embargoes and other restrictions; shall not utilize any form of corruption or bribery in conducting their business; shall disclose to Archroma any situation that may appear as a conflict of interest and apply principles of a true and fair accounting and avoid money laundering activities. Archroma also expects its suppliers to protect all confidential information provided by Archroma and its respective business partners.

Potential suppliers are screened for their sustainability initiatives and compliance to the Supplier’s Code of Conduct. In addition, each raw material goes through an additional assessment to ensure that they comply to our requirements regarding minimizing unintentional hazardous chemical impurities. We evaluate the optimum raw materials to deliver performance while minimizing the impact of extraction, synthesis, use and disposal.


Archroma has been evaluated by EcoVadis, an external organization assessing the corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance of companies on a global basis.

We received the EcoVadis “silver” rating and are ranked among the top 12% of peers that have a confirmed CSR engagement.

Trusted partner for procurement teams in more than 300 multinationals organizations to reduce risk and drive innovation in their sustainable procurements.

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