Packaging & Paper Specialties


Archroma’s Packaging & Paper Specialties Business provides expertise in the management of whiteness, coloration, special coatings and strength for all kind of papers. By combining our focused product range with the application services of our paper experts around the globe, we enhance both the optical and functional properties of paper.

We constantly optimize production processes for our customers, and improve and innovate around our products and services after carefully listening to market needs. Depending on customer requirements regarding performance, cost and application, we can offer them a tailor-made solution to help meet their challenges.

Key Markets:

  • Packaging and board
  • Printing and writing
  • Coated paper
  • Tissue and toweling
  • Nonwovens and specialties
  • Newsprint

Key products:

  • Coloration: Carta® & Cartasol® direct dyes, Cartazine® basic dyes, Diresul® sulfur dyes, Cartaren® & Flexonyl® pigment preparations, security effects
  • Whiteness: Leucophor® optical brightening agents, shading dyes & pigments, quenching agents
  • Surface & coating: Cartabond® crosslinkers, Cartaguard® fluorochemicals & Cartaseal® barrier additives, Cartacoat® rheology modifiers
  • Process chemicals: Cartafix® dye fixatives, Cartaspers® deposit control, Cartabond® wet & dry strength resins, Cartafen® retention control, Antimussol® defoamers

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