From corrugated box to food and luxury packaging

Whether you require enhanced printability, color, surface finish, or packaging which is compliant with food contact guidelines and provides a barrier to oil, water, moisture or grease. Archroma can offer solutions and develop new alternatives through extensive technical support.

Archroma’s Packaging & Board business provides expertise in the management of coloration, special coatings and strength. By offering brilliant solutions together with the application services of our paper experts around the globe, we enhance both the optical and functional properties of board and packaging – with a special focus on sustainability.

Stronger, more sustainable and attractive brown boxes

Our process chemicals increase the stability of corrugated fiberboard and allow manufacturers to achieve high levels of dry strength with lower amounts of virgin fibers. Our coatings include fluorine-free alternatives to wax water barriers that facilitate recycling by breaking down during repulping without the need of further additives. Attractive shades can be achieved with our broad range of anionic and cationic colorants.

Whiter, more robust and recyclable packaging

For cardboard and paper used to package products like washing powder, cosmetics, cornflakes, pharmaceuticals or copier paper reams, our solutions provide a strong barrier against water and vapor that is fluorine free and ensures recyclability (unlike polyethylene coatings and many plastic solutions). Crosslinkers improve the wet surface strength of white board packaging and also enhance printability, while our new, highly concentrated optical brighteners combine brilliant whiteness with enormous potentials for CO2 reduction. Great sustainability benefits can also be achieved with our deposit control polymers, which reduce downtime and need for cleaning solvents while at the same time increasing potential use of recycled paper.

Brilliant solutions for premium and luxury packaging

Archroma offers the deepest shades, brilliant pigments, extravagant coating and outstanding technical, ecological and application expertise to ensure that premium packaging products get the attention they deserve.


Surface & barriers
Process chemicals
Whiteness & brightness
Compostable dyes: an environmentally friendlier color solution

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