24th January 2023 - 26th January 2023 in Plaza Mayor, Medellín, Colombia

Archroma will be at Colombiatex of the Americas, one of the most important meeting place for the textile sector in Latin America.

Meet us at Booth 030, hall yellow.

Our experts will be at the booth to present our latest innovations and systems for textiles and fashion:

  • COLOR CARESS, A nylon dyeing system that ensures your difficult colors are the same every time even with high stretch;
  • CONSCIOUSLY DEEP, a metal-free one-step scouring and dyeing system for medium to very dark colored nylons that stay deep and bright day after day...and are good for you and the planet;
  • COOL PRINT, a complete formaldehyde-free* system that keeps your printed textiles soft and durable and the Earth cooler;
  • EARTH SOFT, a biomass-based and vegan softening system that is suitable for all kind of fibers and makes you comfortable in your own skin;
  • DEEP DIVE 2.0, a complete system for maximum coloration efficiency with enhanced fastness and dramatically reduced use of water, chemicals and energy;
  • FAST SPORT X HYDRY, an ultimate sportswear system that keeps your polyester colorful, dry and fresh for longer, putting the planet first and your competition behind
  • POWER COTTON x RAIN AWAY, a dual-effect system for comfortable cotton fabrics with up to 5 times higher abrasion resistance, that are protected with a PFC-free DWR (durable water repellent);
  • PURE INDIGO ICON, an aniline-free* indigo system that produces authentic denim without compromising our planet;
  • PURE UNDERTONES, a sulfur bottoming system that brings a new layer of color creativity to your aniline-free* indigo denim;
  • SWIFT BLEND, a resource-saving system for deep colors dyed in a single step with half the resources.
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