1st November 2022 - 2nd November 2022 in Sunshine City, Tokyo

Archroma will be present at the 2022 edition of Denimsandjeans Japan.

Visit us at Booth #10.

Experts from our global denim team and Japan will be at the booth to present our innovations and solution systems for denim & casual wear, created in line with “The Archroma Way to a Sustainable World: Safe, efficient, enhanced, it’s our nature”.

The Archroma Way is based on three pillars: Safe, Efficient and Enhanced, and aim at providing a system rather than single products, in order to maximize the potential synergies and benefits in the application process.

Archroma uses its ONEWAY Impact Calculator to digitize the mill’s current process, and then identify the achievable amount of savings in terms or water, energy, CO2 reduction, and ultimately the associated cost savings.

Archroma will also present The Safe Edge, an online platform for instant access to product related regulatory & compliance certificates and information.

Visitors at the booth will be able to explore groundbreaking innovations such as aniline-free* indigo solution, Denisol® Pure Indigo 30 liq, which is the hero of the aniline-free* PURE INDIGO ICON system that produces authentic denim without compromising our planet.

Another favorite is the plant-based EarthColors®, synthesized from non-edible agricultural and herbal waste, and available with the LOVE NATURE X EARTHCOLORS, an efficient dyeing system based on upcycled plant waste for colors inspired by nature that preserve its precious resources.

In 2021 Archroma also started a collaboration with CleanKore, a US based company, for the production of aniline-free and potassium permanganate-free denim – this is highlighted in its [PURE INDIGO ICON]2 system. Not only does this system allow for the production of a more sustainable denim but it also enables to use significantly less resources in the process (water, energy, chemicals) leading to reduction in CO2 emission as well.

And in 2022 Archroma officialized our collaboration with Stony Creek Colors for the production of pre reduced natural indigo in order to keep the authenticity of the natural indigo dye but with the same consistency and performance of the synthetic form. it is used in KORE BLACK DENIM, a potassium permanganate-free system that produces authentic vintage black jeans and is safer for our planet and workers.

Other solution systems for denim & casual wear include:

  • CASUAL X SMART, a sulfur dyeing system for trendy wash-down looks to make versatile clothes with a smart production process that is gentler for the planet;
  • CLASSIC UNDERTONES, a sulfur bottoming system that brings a new layer of color creativity to your indigo denim;
  • DARK BLISS 2.0, a system for dyeing navy and black shades more efficiently with enhanced fastness and dramatically lighter use of water and chemicals;
  • DEEP DIVE 2.0, a complete system for maximum coloration efficiency with enhanced fastness and dramatically reduced use of water, chemicals and energy;
  • DENIM SOUL, a system for overdyeing denim and woven fabrics for trendy wash-down looks using much less water and energy;
  • DEEP WEAVE, a deep coloration system for maximum efficiency on woven fabrics with enhanced fastness, and dramatically reduced use of water, chemicals and energy;
  • DENIM VIBE, a sulfur-based system to efficiently create bright ocean blue denim without wasting an ocean of money and water;
  • INDIGO REFLECTION, a coloration system that behaves like indigo but with a more sustainable and efficient process;
  • PURE UNDERTONES, a sulfur bottoming system that brings a new layer of color creativity to your aniline-free* indigo denim;
  • and STAY DARK, a complete system for long-lasting, dark navy jeans that are kinder to the environment.

*Below limits of detection according to industry standard test methods

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