5th February 2020 - 6th February 2020 in Jaguar Experience Centre, Birmingham, UK

Long-lasting performance textiles to meet requirements of the car-sharing development
The use profile of cars is going to change. Car sharing will prevail with more intense usage of the cars. Idle, parked cars will be less. The passengers change more frequently. To meet these requirements ARCHROMA provides system solutions, the Light-fast Cars system, with the Fadex AS new UV absorber and light-fast Dorospers A&K colors to stay vibrant and give the well-being atmosphere inside the car.

Beyond the visual esthetics of the car, every new passengers wants the car to be fresh and clean, free of microbes and stains left from previous users.

Our long-standing partnership with Sanitized(R)+ provides concepts that address these needs by delivering the antimicrobial finish, while our Nuva N and Smartrepel Hydro ranges contribute the right solution to protect the surface from liquid depositing, as such freshness usually is needs to be supported by easy-to-clean finishes.

To secure reliable long-lasting performance an improved high abrasion resistance is also required for passenger seats, which can be achieved with low emissive water-based solutions from our Lurapret and Appretan range. Finally as safety of the passengers is paramount, selected Pekoflam finishes and coating additives are available as flame retardant system components which allows tailor-made combinations to secure compatibility and optimum performance.

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