A solid step towards sustainable leather tanning and dyeing

Can we make leather tanning and dyeing more sustainable?

Together with Trumpler, leader in leather chemicals since 1868, we have teamed up to create DyTan®, a groundbreaking leather tanning and dyeing process that produces high-performance leather, in a more eco-friendly and cost-efficient way. DyTan® is suitable for a wide range of leather applications, from garment and footwear to automotive and furniture upholstery.

At the core of DyTan® is Archroma’s patented revolutionary AVICUERO® System, which is based on novel molecules that enable more sustainable leather tanning and dyeing, developed by Archroma in cooperation with leather technology consultant Dr Leather.

The AVICUERO® System

The high exhaustion AVICUERO® technology platform allows tanners to take significant, positive steps towards reducing CO2 values attributed to wet-end processing, particularly when coupled with specific retanning and fatliquoring technology. This innovative tanning process is proven to be highly pH controlled and often does not require any temperature adjustments.

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small steps. BIG IMPACT.

With AVICUERO®, tanners benefit from significantly shorter processing times and better reduction of CO2 emissions as compared to using other metal free tanning systems. It also eliminates the pickling process and the use of common salt leading to improved effluent discharge loads.

  • Savings in energy and water consumption
  • Reduction in process time
  • Lower carbon emissions

*Estimations carried out with the Archroma ONE WAY Impact Calculator show energy savings of up to 25% and reduced process time leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 23%, compared to traditional chrome tanning1. They also show significant water savings compared to other metal-free tanning systems1. With the ONE WAY Impact Calculator, customers will be offered personalized calculations for their specific processes.

1 Trials made at Trumpler GmbH application lab.

AVICUERO®, the technological breakthrough in leather processing allows manufacturers to achieve any color with these 2 options:

  • AVICUERO® BLACK SL is the first in a new range of novel colored tanning molecules which are metal-, aldehyde- and bisphenol-free organic compounds that achieve a simultaneous tanning and dyeing effects with outstanding high fastness.
  • AVICUERO® TR22 has also been developed as an alternative process without coloration. The resultant wet black or wet white leather can be processed through a proper retanning process to achieve the target article while complying with the strictest regulatory compliance requirements.


  • Chrome- and metal-free leather tanning method
  • Reliable production of leather with impeccable shavability, excellent color depth, outstanding migration and abrasion resistance
  • Significant resource savings, kinder to our planet


  • Chrome tanning is the most widely used leather tanning method due to its high efficiency and versatility
  • Chromium exposure poses risks to human health
  • Traditional leather tanning methods discharges harmful wastes to the environment

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