A revolutionary breakthrough in the dyeing of cellulosic fibers and its blends

AVITERA® SE is the leading range of reactive cellulosic dyes in terms of sustainability and performance. These dyes contribute to the longevity of the look and functionality of the textile articles, offering high light and perspiration light fastness due to uniquely engineered chromophores.

What positive impact can you make with Avitera SE if the textile industry made the switch?

Save the same amount of water used by


million people in a year*

*on average a person requires 700 liters of fresh water per year

Save the same amount to supply electricity to


households in a year*

*In 2018, the average annual electricity consumption for a residential utility customer was 11000 units (KWh)

Save the same amount of CO2 emissions from


cars taken off roads in a year

True innovation that meets economic and environmental sustainability

The textile industry is placing an increasing emphasis on sustainability. Mills and brands are also looking to differentiate themselves by embracing sustainability in their textile value chain. With the award winning AVITERA® SE dye range, we help customers balance environmental sustainability with economic sustainability.

Archroma is the leader in providing ecological solutions for the textile industry.

Endless possibilities of exciting colors

AVITERA® SE covers the entire shade gamut allowing mills to achieve any color combination they need.

A revolutionary breakthrough in the dyeing of cellulosic fibres and its blends

Recognized by customers worldwide as a unique dyeing solution, the first generation of AVITERA® SE dyes set a revolutionary benchmark for sustainability in the textile industry.

The second generation of AVITERA® SE dyes expanded the shade gamut with brilliant elements while providing highest lightfastness and exceptional level-dyeing behavior for pale shades.

Now, with the third generation of the AVITERA® SE dyes, we are proud to add economic sustainability to environmental benefits, with greater added value via optimized recipe cost in the medium-dark shade segments. This helps mills to achieve an overall lower total cost compared to best available technology. With AVITERA® SE, sustainability and economy can now go hand in hand.

Assurance of sustainability and innovation

Introducing the AVITERA® SE hangtags assurance program. Based on the award winning AVITERA® SE reactive dyes, these hangtags aim to provide consumers with the assurance that their garment is made with innovative and sustainable dye technologies.

Award winning innovation

Winner of the 2014 ICIS* Innovation Awards
AVITERA® SE took top honors as the Overall Winner and also the first recipient of the new Innovation with Best Benefit to Environment or Sustainability Award for 2014.

5-star Environmental Leader Technology (ELT) Review
AVITERA® SE was one of only two 5-star recipients in the 2013 ELT Review, being honored as an impressive product “with the potential to make a tremendous environmental impact.”​

A journey of sustainability

Our revolutionary AVITERA® SE range of dyes now includes the introduction of AVITERA® GENERATION NEXT. The new colors from GENERATION NEXT features the same great innovation with even greater economic sustainability, enabling brands and mills across the textile industry to have more access to greater color combinations.

Solving the industry’s challenges with sustainable solutions that help customers and brands meet their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals.

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