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The Pulp & Paper Industry is one of the five most energy-intensive industries globally [1].The smallest amount of water removal is the most energy Intensive operation in a paper machine.

  • Forming Section 94.6 % water removed
  • Press Section 4.00 % water removed
  • Drying Section 1.2 % water removed

Water removal in the drying section water is 5x more expensive than water removal in the press section. The drying section accounts for c.a. 70%(2) of total energy required in papermaking and the equivalent of 25 – 30%(3) of the total energy used in the pulp & paper industry.

The drying section evaporates the remaining 1.2% water by using using steam-heated cylinders. The more water can be removed before this section the less heat and therefore steam and energy is needed.

Substantial energy savings can be realized if the solid content of the paper after the press section can be increased. Up to 4% of energy in the drying section can be saved for every 1% increase in paper solid content, post press section.

(1). IEA (International Energy Agency). Tracking Clean Energy Progress; IEA: Paris, France, 2017

(2) EU JRC Energy efficiency and GHG emissions 2018

(3) IEA (International Energy Agency), 2009

Hydrophilic fabric conditioning for hydrophobic felts

Our Cartaspers® PSM New liq has been specifically developed to increase the water removal efficiency in the press section. It is adsorbed on hydrophobic fabric or wire and give it a “hydrophilic coating”. This "coating" improves the flow rate of water through the fabric or wire structure and therefore increases the drying efficiency. An additional affect of this “hydrophilic coating” is the prevention of deposit buildup on he fabric or wire resulting in substantial improvements in deposit control.


Cartaspers® PSM New liq supports the increasing adoption of eco-advanced materials and production processes by Pulp & Paper Industry adhering to standards such as Blue Angel, Nordic Swan and EU Eco Flower.

Cartaspers® PSM New liq is safe to use food contact applications as it is BfR and FDA food contact compliant.

  • Blue Angel Compliant
  • Nordic Swan Compliant
  • EU flower compliant
  • FDA compliant
  • BfR Compliant


In addition to improving dewatering Cartaspers® PSM New liq is a highly effective deposit control agent. Its can increase the share of recycled material that can be used while decreasing machine down time due to cleaning.

Cartaspers® PSM New liq increases the paper sheet solid content this increases the natural wet strength which reduces breaks in the sheet and further aids the production.

  • 1 % Sheet Solids = c.a. 6 % increase in wet sheet strength(1)
  • 1 % Sheet Solids = c.a. 4 % decrease in energy need in the drying section
  • Productivity Optimization
  • Cost Optimization

(1) Heimbach Press Release 65/0911 GB

Increased productivity, spotless paper and deposit control

Cartaspers® PSM New liq is at the core of our CLEAN FELTS, a system for increased productivity and spotless paper, even with a higher share of recycled pulp.

Discover more information at CLEAN FELTS website

Cartaspers® PSM New liq is at the core of our CLEAN MACHINE, a system for stickies control on the paper and on the machine, for reduced downtime in production and the ability to use lower quality raw materials and reduce costs

Discover more information at CLEAN MACHINE website

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