Rewrite the future of black garments with the cleanest sulfur black coloration solution

What positive impact can you make with DIRESUL® EVOLUTION BLACK?

The new DIRESUL® EVOLUTION BLACK LIQ is Archroma's most eco-advanced sulfur black dyestuff.

Based on cutting-edge synthesis technology developed by Archroma, DIRESUL® EVOLUTION BLACK LIQ delivers an overall impact reduction to 57%*, measuring its effect on human health, ecosystems and resources compared to a standard Sulfur Black 1 liquid.

DIRESUL® EVOLUTION BLACK vs. Standard Sulfur Black 1 delivers impact reduction on:



Reduced resource impact, safeguarding our climate and earth’s precious resources.

Human Health


Lessened exposure to harmful compounds, contributing to better health and well-being.



Minimized impact on the earth’s biodiversity and their habitats, enriching our planet with healthier and more balanced ecology.

*As determined by Ecoterrae, a leading Spain-based sustainability consulting firm, through a Life Cycle Analysis (UNE-EN ISO 14044:2006) at the synthesis stage, using the ReCiPe 2016 Impact calculation methodology.


  • More sustainable collections, using cleaner coloration systems that deliver outstanding resource savings
  • Unique shade and wash-down effects when compared to standard black, providing new and innovative aesthetics
  • The breakthrough system challenges the way black dye is manufactured and allows the production of new black/grey denim articles


  • Traditional Sulfur Black 1 dyestuff produces ammonia, sodium salts waste or liquid effluents
  • The synthesis process for traditional Sulfur Black 1 dyestuff consumes huge amount of water

For more than a century, the traditional Sulphur Black synthesis process consumed substantial water and energy resources and produced unwanted effluents and residues. With the launch of EVOLUTION BLACK based on DIRESULT® RDT technology, Archroma is rewriting the future for brands that want to produce more sustainable collections with high-value aesthetics and top fabric quality.

Umberto De Vita, Director, Denim Market Segment, Textile Effects Division, Archroma

Watch this clip taken in our labs - a comparison of Sulfur Black 1 versus DIRESUL® EVOLUTION BLACK LIQ:

Award-winning solution

In 2023, DIRESUL® EVOLUTION BLACK LIQ took home the honorary award for Innovation - Dyes at the 2023 Just Style Excellence Awards.

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Certified environmental benefits

DIRESUL® EVOLUTION BLACK LIQ is a ZDHC, bluesign® and GOTS approved product.


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