New unique trichromatic blue for all exhaust and continuous applications covering light, chlorine, and gas fading fastness

NOVACRON® Atlantic EC-NC, the industry’s first blue element that delivers chlorine- and nitrogen oxide (NOx)-fastness alongside lightfastness for textiles, ensuring garments look as good as new for longer.

What if BLUE could be made to last?

Setting new standards for blue dyes ensuring garments look as good as new for longer. The breakthrough NOVACRON® Atlantic EC-NC blue element addresses the challenges faced by mills to deliver:

  • Improved light-, perspiration- and chlorine-fastness. Meeting the most stringent home laundering program requirements of US and Japanese brands, and also performs well in other markets where chlorine is added to water supplies.
  • High NOx resistance. Exceptional nitrogen oxide resistance, preventing gas fading.
  • Outstanding operational excellence. Compatible with all other trichromatic dyes, right first-time production.

Best-in-class benefits

  • Exclusive, first trichromatic formazan blue element
  • Withstands chlorine and NOx (gas fading) fastness
  • Outstanding operational excellence in both exhaust and pad processes
  • Innovative IP protected high performance blue element
  • Greenish casted to correct metamerism

Exhaust application highlights

NOVACRON® Atlantic EC-NC incorporates the newest technology combined with molecular engineering for best application results, setting a new milestone in history of blue dye development.

  • Extremely robust under varying dyeing parameters
  • Excellent diffusion properties for top leveling results on difficult fabrics like cotton viscose and its derivatives.
  • Tailor-made for ultra-short liquor ratio dyeing due to its very high solubility.
  • Easily washed off
  • Outstanding compatibility with all other trichromatic performance elements.

Continuous application highlights

The first real trichromatic blue shade with low affinity to ensure outstanding process performance and the lowest reprocessing cost. A new industry benchmark for all pad applications.

  • Excellent application properties and process robustness on all pad applications
  • Low affinity element to ensure lowest tailing and listing results on all pad applications.
  • Tailormade for cotton viscose processing due to its excellent diffusion properties
  • Outstanding compatibility with all other trichromatic performance elements, including non-contrasting dyes
  • Easy to wash off and extremely stable under alkaline washing off conditions.

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