Highest performing primary trichromatic yellow with non-photochromic properties for all continuous applications

NOVACRON® MARIGOLD C-NC offers first class results and the highest levels of operational excellence to create unique end articles for Casual Wear, Performance Apparel and Home & Hospitality end uses.

Best-in-class benefits

  • Outstanding operational excellence for all continuous applications
  • Highly cost effective new main trichromatic element for all depths.
  • IP protected
  • Cost effective trichromatic element with non-photochromic character
  • Exceptional cost performance ratio
  • Tailormade to fit in with our well-established earth shade elements
  • Fulfils most stringent fastness requirements from brands and retailers
  • Bluesign® approved

Continuous application highlights

These are just some of the benefits driven by the exceptional performance of our latest product.

  • Achieves superior robustness levels under varying process parameters such as batching, steaming time and temperature variations
  • Ensures top bath stability under critical cold pad batch conditions
  • Easily overcomes the mass effect when moving from lab trials into production
  • Low affinity element ensures lowest tailing and listing results on all pad applications
  • Tailormade for cotton viscose processing due to its excellent diffusion properties
  • Easily washed off and extremely stable under alkaline washing off conditions

Excellent compatibility and process robustness

  • Excellent compatibility of trichome
  • Ensuring best listing performance under pad dry pad-steam process process
  • Highest operation excellence
  • Outstanding compatibility with our NC elements

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