OA10, a biocide-free product for Odor control function

Stop permastink build-up, naturally, with Sanitized® OA 10, a continuous, sustainable effect against odors caused by bacteria and permastink.

The wash-resistant Sanitized® OA 10 offers a unique dual-action effect with two complementary functions: on the one hand it prevents the bacteria from docking on the textile, and on the other, it adsorbs odors whilst the garment is being worn.

Sanitized® OA 10 has excellent properties such as, compatibility, durability and performance due to the unique technology. The product is a non Nano-technology product. The compatibility with other textile effects in particular is a break-through in process optimization. Especially the excellent moisture management properties of the product are justified to mention.

OX20, a new product for durable, odor-free textiles

Sanitized® Odorex™ portfolio has expanded its odor-neutralizing technologies with the new OX20 product, suitable on cotton, viscose, or synthetic fibers. It does not contain any biocides, it is highly wash-resistant, and it can be combined well with other effects.

The basis for the newly introduced biocide-free OX20 product is a metal-free polymer that neutralizes odors. It meets market requirements regarding wash-resistance with excellent results after up to 50 household washes.

OX20 is a particle-free product with a long-lasting effect that does not change how the textile feels, nor does it affect the textile’s moisture management.

OX20, can be applied by standard padding but also in the polyester dye bath and in the last rinsing bath in polyamide dyeing process. This can help to substantially reduce process costs, whilst saving energy.

Joining expertise

As the hygiene function expert and specialist in antimicrobial treatments, we work closely with Sanitized® to develop the best solutions for preventing odors and trying them out in practice in different textile applications.

Discover our odor control 2.0 system

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