PFAS Free, Durable water repellent

PHOBOTEX® NTR-50 LIQ, our new durable water repellent product with an improved sustainability profile as it contains sustainably sourced, renewable feedstock.

PHOBOTEX® NTR-50 LIQ is a new, bio-based, PFAS free, formaldehyde-free and crosslinker free durable water repellent product, developed for application on all kinds of fibers specifically effective on synthetics and their blends. It delivers excellent repellency to water and water-based liquids while achieving soft handle characteristics. Undesired effects like yellowing and chalk marking are reduced to a minimum. Separate addition of a crosslinker ensures higher durability to laundering.

Key benefits

  • Based on above 50% renewable carbon content (C-14 method, bio-based carbon)
  • Durable water repellent treatment for fabrics, textiles, and nonwovens
  • Manufactured with certified renewably sourced, non-fluorinated, plant-based material that can be replenished naturally over time
  • Employs a highly efficient, robust chemistry
  • Reduces side effects like harsh handle, yellowing, negative impact on fastness properties and chalk marking
  • Excellent runnability properties ensure a reproducible performance and high production safety
  • Excellent protection against stains
  • Excellent wash durability levels
  • Easy spot cleaning of the garment reduces the need for frequent washes
  • Expected to meet the bluesign® and GOTS criteria and will be published on the ZDHC Gateway with Conformance Level 3 in addition to supporting major industry RSL requirement standards
  • Provides good durability to wash when applied alone and can be enhanced by addition of crosslinkers like ARKOPHOB® NTR-40/ARKOPHOB® DAN LIQ./PHOBOL® EXTENDER UXN
  • Qualifies for High IQ® Repel Performance Assurance program

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