Best-in-class carpets & floor coverings

At home, at the office, in public areas, hotels, airplanes or cars, carpets and textile ground coverings must fulfill strict requirements for soil release, water repellence, hygiene or wear-resistance while meeting the demands of color, design and comfort. Archroma’s system solutions for carpets & floor coverings have been designed to take up the challenge.

Explore the innovations and solution systems that Archroma has on offer to fulfill these new customer demands.

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From fiber to finish

From fiber to finish, Archroma plays a key role throughout the entire textile supply chain, with unique system solutions for spinning, sizing, optical brighteners, dyeing, printing & finishing.

Archroma offers to textile manufacturers and brand owners the tailor-made system solutions that they need in their specific production process and market.


Spinning & sizing
Hygiene & Protection

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