Passion for exterior textiles

Exterior fabrics such as awnings, sun sails, tents, outdoor furniture, flags and carpet rugs are exposed to extreme weather conditions. They have to withstand sun light, hot and cold temperatures and rain and snow over a long period and fulfil the requirements protections such as UV rays, abrasion, water repellent, soil release, anti-microbial, flame retardant or high abrasion resistance.

At Archroma, we share your passion for exterior textiles, and we bring our expertise, innovation power and our commitment to sustainability into developing cutting- edge technologies and products to support your needs.

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From fiber to finish

From fiber to finish, Archroma plays a key role throughout the entire textile supply chain, with unique system solutions for spinning, pretreatment, dyeing, coating & finishing and wash-down effects.

Innovative and tailor-made solutions

For exterior textiles fabrics Archroma is a key player for high quality applications, requiring state-of-the-art special effects and ensuring safety standards are maintained.

Archroma's wide portfolio of finishing products such as water-repellent, soil release, anti-microbial, polymers, flame retardant and high abrasion resistance finishes are applied to these special articles to fulfil all the technological requirements and add value.

The Archroma polymers for coating are water-based solvent free and do not contain di-methylformamide (DMF) nor any other organic solvents. Thus, we offer systems for eco-advanced fabric production whilst meeting the latest ecological requirements. This means a final product safer for the consumer.


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