A planet conscious approach to environmental and economic sustainability

The textile industry constantly faces challenges like the growing demand for sustainable textiles, compliance with environmental regulations, water consumption issues, and waste management. These challenges can hinder the overall manufacturing process and ultimately lead to decreased quality of production and products.

We believe that our solutions and processes can offer brands and mills improved operational excellence throughout their textile value chain and create differentiation for economic, technological and environmental sustainability.

  • Bespoke model to help mills and brands achieve their sustainability targets
  • Step-change in quality and performance and value-added end-products
  • Compliance with relevant regulations, certifications and industry standards
  • Holistic resource-efficient and technology-driven process for continuous improvement
  • Powered by Super Systems+
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Benefits for Brands and Mills


  • More efficient processes, higher profits
  • Improved productivity & reduced utilities
  • Efficient effluent management
  • Access to products that are compliant with current and future regulatory requirements
  • Remain sustainable and ensure the best practices available are utilized


  • Roadmap to achieve sustainability targets
  • Understand where currently suppliers stand in terms sustainability
  • Benchmark current impact on supply chain
  • Optimize efficiencies on supply chain
  • Connect with like minded suppliers to support sustainability commitments

How we do it

The ONE WAY+ program is a three-phase process: 1. Establishing baseline, 2. Process design and implementation, 3. Continuous engagement

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We want to lead and inspire the textile industry to work towards a common target of sustainability by reducing the environmental impact of the manufacturing and production process.


By harnessing the latest technology and fueling innovation, we strive to offer our customers solutions with the highest operational excellence and productivity to accelerate the industry’s transition to the most sustainable processes.

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