Colorants for industrial materials

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Plastics and Engineering Plastics

LUMAPLAST® dyes are used in the production of various plastic articles such as packaging materials, containers, toys, and automotive parts. The dyes provide a transparent color of various polymers including PS, AS, ABS, PMMA, PET and PC.

Synthetic Fibers

LUMAPLAST® dyes are also suitable for coloration of synthetic fibers. It can be applied in spin-dyeing of polyester or polyamide fiber and is completely soluble in polymer to produce intense colors with excellent color fastness.

Paint, Coating and Inks

LUMAPLAST® dyes can be used in the formulation of paints for automotive coatings, industrial coatings and decorative paints to achieve a durable weather-resistant coloration. These dyes are commonly used in the formulation of ink for inkjet printers. These inks enable printers to achieve vibrant, long-lasting colors and can be used on various substrates.

Other Uses

LUMAPLAST® dyes can be employed in the formulation of wood stains and varnishes for furniture, flooring, and other wood products, providing rich and transparent coloration while enhancing the natural beauty of the wood. It can also be used in various other applications like leather, waxes, meta foil, oils, and petroleum.

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