Corundum has an extremely high Mohs-hardness of 9.0 and has been used for decades to treat different surfaces in processes such as grinding, lapping and polishing. Using a special production process, the NOVOGARD® range offers Corundum products with specific properties for broad applications in polishing. NOVOGARD® products can be used for materials like ceramic glass, ceramic, glass, plastic, sapphire, automotive coatings and metal.

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Ceramic ink formulations

NOVOGARD® alumina particles are used in ceramic ink formulations to increase the wear resistance of these inks. Used widely for ceramic tile printing, these ink formulations require raw materials with low particle size due to the demanding printing process. With our special production process, NOVOGARD® powder comes in the form of small crystals in combination with soft agglomerates. Fully deagglomerated aqueous suspensions are also available.

Ceramic membrances

When used in ceramic filter elements, NOVOGARD® offers a high chemical and mechanical resistance due to its low pore size and nano filtration features.

Alumina dispersions for cookware

Fine grained alpha-alumina particles are used to increase wear-resistance and enhance the anti-stick effect of
protective ceramic coatings in cookware. Due to its high chemical purity, NOVOGARD®is highly suitable for foodcontact,
making it the perfect solution for alkoxy-silane formulations.

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