The perfect swimwear combine fashion, comfort and functionality. Whether you are planning to spend a day at the beach, lounge poolside or engage in water sports, the right swimwear can make all the difference in your experience.

From perfect color matching, high fastness, chlorine resistance and excellent handle to repellency and quick drying effects, we have a complete suite of solutions to help deliver swimwear that keeps you in style or help you to perform at your best.

At Archroma, we are committed to leading the change.

Our planet conscious innovations play a crucial role in optimizing swimwear, keeping you and the environment looking and feeling good.


Swimwear garments have their own demands due to the use and extremes they are subjected to chlorine, salt and UV waves put fabric quality and durability to the test.

No one likes it when colors fade, fabric wears out, and hems come undone. To keep your clothes looking as good as new, Archroma offers a full range of protection solutions to support you.


Lingerie garments have their own demands since they are worn near to skin. Perfect color matching of each component, high fastness and good leveling. Breathability and moisture management are important requirements but also the fabric should have a nice handle, and feel soft and comfortable.

Archroma offers you a full range of touch & feel effects system solutions for bringing you softness and comfort to your fabric & garments whilst looking good anytime.

Align your sustainability goals with your choice of Super systems+

We believe that we can drive positive impact for the planet and people by driving resource savings in manufacturing and consumer use, adopting cleaner chemistries and enhancing durability to the garment.

That’s why we designed our systems around an Impact Matrix which guides you in making informed decisions about your choice of Intelligent Effects and Processing Solutions, aligned with your sustainability goals.

Organized into four pillars -- Foundation, Foundation+, Impact and Impact+, the Impact Matrix addresses the key challenges facing the textile industry today.

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