To serve and to protect

Thanks to their tremendous flexibility, technical textiles possess the ideal attributes to protect people, even under the most adverse conditions.

Civilian work apparel, on the other hand, must offer protection from dangerous or troublesome influences in everyday life – demands that customers are more able to satisfy with Archroma’s products.

Archroma’s system solutions for workwear and uniforms have been designed to take up the challenge.

The Archroma way to a sustainable world: safe, efficient, enhanced. It’s our nature.

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From fiber to finish

From fiber to finish Archroma plays a key role throughout the entire textile supply chain, with special system solutions for spinning, sizing, pretreatment, dyeing, and printing, as well as finishing.

Archroma offers to textile manufacturers and brand owners the tailor-made system solutions that they need in their specific production process and market.

Hygiene & protection for your textile products

Personal protective textiles needed, specially nowadays, in healthcare or hospitals must fulfil many performance requirements, where one of the most important properties is the resistance against fluids. Creating a barrier against fluids is needed to avoid skin contact with infective contaminants.

Ideally, medical textiles and clothing should be treated with additives proving some barrier, anti-bacterial and viral reduction on the textile.

Archroma has the expertise and technology systems to make sure that your clothes are safe.

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Hygiene & Protection

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