Formulation assistance from Archroma

Color development is an area that requires a great deal of time and money. If you rely on the old methods of multiple submits and rejections before you get the final approval, you are most likely squeezed for time to actually get production completed.

Archroma helps by providing starting formulations to match the selected color. The formulations are based on the latest globally available dyestuffs from Archroma. The proper dye selection in the beginning is critical to getting the quickest possible approvals.

The Archroma dyestuff recipes provided are starting formulations for the selected fiber. They will of course need to be adjusted for local conditions and your specific fibers.

Viewing Formulations

The formulations area requires a user name and password. When you click the button below, if you have a Shopcolors login, that can be used to log into the site. If you do not have a Shopcolors login, you will be able to Register for a new account. The Login Screen can be bookmarked for easy access once you have clicked the Start the Dye Formulations Tool button below.

Start the Dye Formulations Tool

Once you have the recipe, if your operation is responsible for the color matching you will be on your way to a match and faster approvals.

If you are the retailer or sourcing company, make sure the mill has the correct information and the appropriate Archroma contact in case they need the correct dyestuff samples or production advice.

* Pantone and Archroma do not guarantee any fastness properties or performance characteristics and assume no liability for the performance of suggested formulations. We recommend that each customer test their dyestuff recipe for performance prior to approving colors for production

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