Our colleagues from all over the world accomplished great projects and made this year's Earth Day a great success.

Every participating team showed great passion for nature. We are proud to see how everybody worked together and did their part for a cleaner environment.

Archroma Peru cleaned a beach and created an awesome video.

Our colleagues in Bangpoo, Thailand decided to clean along the fence of their facility. They managed to collect 147kg of plastic waste.

The Archroma team in Bradford, UK set up bird nesting boxes and picked up the plastic litter around their facility.

As an Earth Day project, the Archroma team in Martin, USA cleaned a 2-mile section of a highway and parts of the river leading up to the Archroma property.

Archroma Argentina gave nature themed games to the employee's children to be handcrafted at home and exhibited at EarthDay.

The team in Resende, Brazil asked all of their colleagues to help and collect old electronic waste.

The Archroma teams in Samaro and Suzano, Brazil gave out mugs to reduce the use of single use plastic cups.

Our colleagues from Guangzhou and Shanghai, China promoted the use of cloth shopping bags to reduce the use of single-use plastic.

The Archroma branch in Tianjin, China taught children about sustainability and the environment. The children created posters afterwards.

Archroma Finland decided to protect 100 m² of wild forest by donating money.

Our team in Lamotte, France set up a drawing contest for the employee's children.

Archroma Germany set up an insect hotel in the back of their facility.

To minimize pollution around the facility Archroma Indonesia decided to pick up trash and plant new trees.

Our colleagues in Tokyo, Japan recycled old clothes from fashion stores.

The Archroma Korea team cleaned their factory and the hill next to the property.

Our colleagues in Mexico celebrated Earth Day, gave out toys for children and flowers to raise awareness.

The Archroma branch in Pakistan planted trees all over the property and had workshops to learn about composting.

At the headquarters in Reinach, Switzerland our colleagues created a video with tips on how to be more sustainable at the office.

Archroma Spain set up a workshop where the employees learned about sustainability and their water consumption. Every employee wrote a promise to the environment and all of them were collected in boxes spread throughout the building.

Our colleagues in Singapore learned about mental health and how to grow your own microgreens. They formed groups and learned how to turn the microgreens into a delicious salad.

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