Since first encountering the company as a student, Assumpta Tristan has been approaching challenges at Archroma with her positive attitude and fondness for teamwork.

“Every day you can learn something,” says Assumpta Tristan, even though she is no longer the student she was five years ago. Assumpta first worked with Archroma for her final degree project in 2014, in the Product & Process Application lab in Prat. When that project came to an end, she was invited to apply for the role of Paper Application Lab Manager for Iberia. She has been working for Archroma ever since and was promoted to Sales Representative in February 2018.

Assumpta is never deterred by the problems she has to face in her work. “Paper machines are like people,” she comments, “all are similar, but each one is unique.” That has a very particular meaning for her: the same chemical product can affect each paper machine in a totally different way. Some might find that infuriating, but not Assumpta. “This is awesome,” she says. “It is absolutely the reason that you never feel bored.”

Solving problems is at the heart of what she enjoys about her role, especially the way that it makes people work together. “You work as a team with the paper mill workers,” she says, “and they trust in you.” Equally, she trusts that her colleagues always have her back.

Everything has a positive side

“A good team always needs different kinds of members to be powerful,” she says – something that’s as true at work as it is on the volleyball court. Assumpta has been playing since she was eight, and believes that the sport has helped her understand teamwork. One of the things she always brings to her team is a positive outlook. Her personal mantra is simple but inspiring: “Everything has a positive side.”

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