Bryan Dill has been working for over 30 years for the company and is currently Head of Sales for Brand Performance Textile Specialties in North America.

Bryan started working for Sandoz, Archroma's predecessor, in 1992 and celebrates his 30th year now with the company. He has been working most of this time in sales and marketing, mainly for the company’s textiles business. Bryan also gained experience leading Archroma's Packaging and Paper Specialties business in North America. He says:

"I think that Archroma is a great company where movement between job, family and locations is supported and encouraged. Our company wins with this mentality, and our people also grow their individual skillset with this culture."

Whilst Bryan benefited from this company culture, he also faced some challenges with taking on new assignments. However, him and his team have been able to overcome obstacles with determination and passion for what they do. He comments:

"It is really amazing to see how well the team can perform under uncertain circumstances. The common denominator in all of these challenges is the people. We have a team throughout Archroma who is smart and conscientious. The teamwork and commitment in North America still amaze me, as well as how well we have done in new and difficult environments."

His motivation and passion to deliver great work is nurtured by his hobbies. In his free time, Bryan likes to be active and enjoys any kind of endurance sports like cycling. He says:

"Any endurance sport is a lot like your work life. You will always have headwinds from external forces, and also, you may not feel your best every day. But each day passes quickly, and you have to decide whether to exercise in rough conditions or lose that day."

When asked, what he finds most inspiring at Archroma, Bryan replies:

"We have an environment where we don’t let our colleagues fail, we support each other. It sounds simple, but not every culture is so helpful between the members of the team. I really like to come to work every day to a team that is so supportive."

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