Carla Garcia's journey at Archroma began with an internship, which has led her to her current role as Global Marketing & Promotion Specialist for Brand & Performance Textile Specialties Business.

After completing her International MBA studies in 2017, Carla Garcia started as an intern in the Marketing department at Archroma. The internship was originally planned for a period of 6-months, but with her positive can-do attitude and team spirit, Carla was presented with the opportunity to join the Global & Promotion Marketing team for good.

"I have always taken my work seriously, and I think with a positive attitude and energy things will always work out!", she says.

Working in an international environment allows Carla to collaborate with colleagues from all over the world on a daily basis: "I like being part of a multinational company, where we support each other globally, learning and working with different cultures, it's a plus definitely", Carla says.

When she is not working, Carla is passionate about travelling and discovering new places and cultures. The experiences she collects while travelling strengthen her ability to understand and collaborate better with people from all over the world.

Carla's ability of taking on adventures and discovering the world open-mindedly benefits her professional and personal journey: "In the end, it's all about people and that's what makes our work so exciting."

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