Guoping Gong joined Archroma as Marketing Manager in 2015. Since then, he has continuously broadened his spectrum of responsibilities leading him to his current position as Regional Sales Manager.

Evolving from marketing towards taking over more and more sales responsibilities came with challenges that Guoping learned to overcome. Especially in the beginning of his career at Archroma, he was determined to acquire profound knowledge from executives and colleagues about the products and systems of Archroma, and about the company's production capabilities. The understanding of Archroma's product portfolio and proficiency, along with Guoping's expertise in the paper industry, helped him to beat challenges as they came.

Guoping appreciates the company culture, in particular the Archroma culture pillars called ACTS. Guoping's favorite ACTS pillar focuses on taking accountability for performance:

"For me, it covers ownership, initiative, being proactive, challenging the status quo, etc. I much appreciate that nobody at Archroma said to me that this is not your business, or this is not your job."

To balance his life outside of work, Guoping likes to go jogging and hiking. He says:

"It might be the best way to relieve stress and improve your mood. Hiking on the weekend and during holidays makes me love nature, enjoy my life and what I am doing."

The best advice Guoping likes to give potential candidates is:

"Have a business mindset!"

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