Jose Baylon is Head of Operations, as well as Safety & Environment Officer and Business Complaint Manager in Peru. This year will be Jose's 5th year anniversary at Archroma.

When Jose joined the company, he started as Site Operations Manager but soon transitioned in his role as Auditor of Safety, Health & Environment, and Business Complaint Manager for Latin America.

His main challenge so far has been the pandemic, which required to make quick decisions on actions that would help to maintain the operations. At the same time, it was important to support the team and empower his co-workers in order to face this unpredictable challenge in the best way possible.

"We were able to face this challenge by focusing on the client, teamwork, and a very strong safety culture", Jose explains.

Jose enjoys his time at Archroma, not only because of great teamwork and his passion for the job, but also because of the culture and the people. When asked what advice he would give to potential candidates, he says:

"Enjoy what you do every day and make the most of your assigned responsibilities, because at Archroma we value the person and there are always opportunities to continue growing, which only depends on oneself."

Jose has two passions in life: playing soccer and the animation of children and youth groups, which brings him joy. He is sure, his hobbies help him grow also in his professional life. Jose says:

"It helps me to have a good relation of trust with people who interact with me throughout my family and professional life."

He also applies the Deming cycle* in his daily activities, which helps him structure any project or task in the order of planning, doing, checking, and acting. It's the simple things in life that have the most impact. Jose Is sure:

"A smile cheers the soul and helps the world to be a better place every day."

* or PDCA for plan-do-check-act

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