Kai Wei Zhang has been inspired by the Six Sigma methodology throughout his career and personal life, and relishes hitting ambitious targets.

Having joined Clariant in 2006, Kai Wei Zhang was already an engaged figure in the Tianjin chemicals plant at the time of the shift to Archroma in 2013. Since the company became Archroma, his position has evolved so that he is now the site's safety, environment and health officer.

As a Black Belt, it’s Kai Wei’s job to apply Six Sigma methods to the work at the plant. “The Six Sigma methodology and skills training in leadership greatly helped my career and my personal life,” he says. At work, his role as Black Belt has given him the chance to collaborate with colleagues from across the organization: “I have gained a better understanding and overview of the whole process in our site.”

He had to put that understanding to use in 2017 when his plant acquired chemicals business from BASF. The demanded output suddenly increased by 50%. The plant needed to increase both equipment and labor utilization in order to meet its targets, but it managed with colleagues to deliver on time and in full. “We all believe that excellent teamwork is the critical element for success,” Kai Wei says.

That’s still true today, even as new working methods are brought in. “In our ACTS-inspired¹ organization,” Kai Wei says, “group targets and performances are cascaded to each colleague in the office and the plant. We all know where we are and where we will go – it’s very helpful to unite our team to focus on the right direction.”

Kai Wei is also passionate about basketball, and he relishes both leading a team and hitting his targets – both on the court and at work. He describes Archroma’s targets for safety, profitability and sustainability as “very ambitious,” which makes them a perfect fit for him.

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