Portrait picture of Kashif Raza in front of a harbour

Kashif Raza loves to transform challenges into opportunities. At Archroma, he finds just the right assignments to nurture that.

As a maintenance and project manager in engineering, Kashif has been refining his problem-solving skill for more than a decade at Archroma. In one of his proudest moments, he overcame significant logistic and groundwork hurdles to economically reduce wastewater at a site in Pakistan. Successfully converting an old plant into a state-of-the-art treatment facility put Kashif’s strategic thinking to the test. “One of the biggest challenges was the limited knowledge and expertise available about wastewater treatment technology other than Lagoon Treatment,” Kashif said of the groundbreaking project. A second challenge was coordinating multiple teams across departments to implement the new technology. Kashif pulled it off, attributing its success to “continuous dialogue and sharing of knowledge and experience.”

Kashif’s pioneering solutions run the gamut, developed over years of encouragement and support from Archroma. “The company provides the best on-the-job learning opportunities by trusting the ability of a team to answer new, challenging assignments,” he says. “They recognize achievements and motivate employees to grow and take advantage of new opportunities.”

With a love of travel, Kashif believes that exposure to new cultures and concepts inspires his enterprising spirit. “It gives me a new understanding of people, which helps me to work successfully with different teams and utilize their knowledge and ideas.”

With his background in mechanical engineering, Kashif has also developed a real taste for engineering creative solutions – living by his favorite quote from American author Napoleon Hill:

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

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