In her role as Account Manager, Marcela Ramirez faced her biggest challenge during the pandemic where she had to keep the business going in uncertain times.

Marcela has started to work at Archroma 4.5 years ago and - while not changing roles - she has taken on more and more responsibilities during this time. She appreciates the Archroma culture a lot and says: "we respect people as individuals".

When asked what Marcela finds most inspiring at Archroma, she replies:

"What I find most inspiring is that each day presents us with new personal and professional challenges".

In her free time, Marcela is an active member of the catholic church and helps people in need with her charitable work. "It helps me to be a better person everyday", she says.

Marcela's advice to potential candidates is to be yourself. She is convinced, being authentic and trying to do the things you love with passion, will help you find the job you like.

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