Md Aminul Islam, Business Development Manager, conquers challenges with creativity.

Md Aminul started to work for Archroma in Bangladesh 4 years ago. In the beginning of Md Aminul’s Archroma journey, he recognized that customers were looking for a well responding supply chain partner who could support them technically to add value to their own products. Md Aminul set tomaster this task by focusing on team building and technical services, aimingto create a well-prepared force that would prioritize customer relationship. Md Aminul says:

"Creative thinking always shows me a way through challenges."

When asked what advice he would give to potential candidates, he recommends thinking outside the box, being creative and open to exploring new perspectives. This advice goes well with his favorite quote by Rumi: "As you start to walk on the way, the way appears".

At Archroma, Md Aminul appreciates the healthy work environment that allows employees to be innovative and open-minded. He says:

"This is a great company culture that cares for sustainability and challenging the status quo of the industry. I also appreciate The Archroma Way* approach and how it is helping to establish safety, efficiency and enhancement throughout the industry."

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