Sara Maleck joined Archroma in 2016 as a Development Chemist in the company's US plant located in Martin, South Carolina, learning the manufacturing process under the supervision of the plant lead chemist. Now, 5 years later, Sara is the Development Team Leader there.

In her current role, Sara faces unique challenges that make the job exciting and fun to hold. The synergy between the customers' needs, and the aspiration of Sara and her team to make quality products, is leading them to improve processes while overcoming those challenges in the right way.

When asked what Sara enjoys most about her job, she replies:

"What I enjoy most about my job is the fact that there is always a new challenge every day. Also, I enjoy the fact that everyone here treats their colleagues like they are family. It makes the workplace friendly and the people fun to be around".

In her free time, Sara likes being outdoors as it allows her to recharge and be the best version of herself in her private but also working environment.

Sara therefore also appreciates "the fact that the company is so focused on sustainability as a driver for decision making". This helps her and her team to focus on the same goal and motivates them to update current processes in order to become more sustainable.

The best advice Sara has received that always motivates her to keep going is:

"Find something that challenges you everyday to change your perspective."

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