As Global Indigo Manager, Umberto Devita faces challenges with passion and hard work, which he believes ultimately helps him and his team obtain a recognition as denim experts in the fashion industry.

In 2014, Umberto started working for Archroma as a Dyeing Auxiliaries Technician in Singapore. After he completed his first year, Umberto was asked to join the denim and casual wear specialist team due to his previous experience and know-how in denim production.

Umberto appreciates the speed and simplicity, as well as the teamwork and collaboration, that are part of the culture at Archroma. He is sure that these are the drivers for success in his team.

What inspires him most at Archroma is "the passion that many of his colleagues put in their work". "It's a very inspiring environment", Umberto says.

Whilst travelling is an integral part of his job, it is also a source of inspiration. Being in a global role provides Umberto with the opportunity to discover new places, people, cultures foods.

In his free time, Umberto likes to watch and play football. He enjoys the joint effort while having fun at the same time. These experiences strengthen Umberto's ability to collaborate in the best way with his team, which "is the foundation for the success we continue to obtain", he says.

His advice to anyone who would like to work at Archroma is: "Be passionate and think out of the box".

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