Vanina Inchazu has been working with the company in Human Resources for more than 13 years. She joined Clariant in 2008 and moved to Archroma when it became an independent entity in 2013.

Vanina started her journey within the company to do an internship tied to her studies at the university. When the internship ended, she was offered the opportunity to become a full-time employee and gain experience as an HR generalist.

At Archroma, Vanina appreciates the team culture, which almost feels like family to her. Vanina says:

"The active participation of all work teams is inspiring. Archroma is a company that assembles experiences. Also, many leaders in the company are women, which is very inspiring to me."

In her personal life, Vanina likes to travel and learn about other cultures and ways of life. She also enjoys interacting with other people. When she became a mother, Vanina discovered a whole new world of compassion and empathy, and this enriched her relations with others even more. She explains:

"I feel that we build ourselves with social relationships. Social relationships build us, complement us. I can see how, in my profession individual growth is not possible if we don't have the support and trust of our colleagues."

When asked what advice she would give to potential candidates, Vanina replies:

"Open dialogue, commitment and contribution must be a philosophy of life in the company. At Archroma all employees are listened to and recognized."

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