Perfluorinated compounds, or PFCs, have been used for decades in many products, including to produce stain-resistant and water-repellent fabrics. They offer the advantage of covering the performance required in nearly every outdoor and protective material.

This “one size fits all” profile explains why PFCs have become the go-to technology to finishing textiles today.

In parallel, there are exciting things happening in the field of fabric repellent technology, with huge technological strides being made.
PFCs offered today by fore-runners, such as Archroma with its short-chain C6 Nuva® N range, have been developed to eliminate PFOA, a manufacturing by-product undesirable for its potential persistence in the environment. And the chemical industry introduced the first fluorine-free repellence finishing agents, such as Archroma’s Smartrepel®.

Maybe it’s time we step back and assess this landscape objectively, with the aim of producing better end results for all. Is eliminating PFCs altogether really a reachable goal?

Fluorine-Free Finishes For All: Still ADR


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