Archroma and Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited (SFML), a leading textile company under Sapphire Group, the largest integrated textile producers in Pakistan, have entered a partnership to adopt Archroma’s sustainable solutions at SFML.

Archroma’s broad portfolio contributes to the textile industry with cutting-edge technologies and performance systems that bring together performance efficiency and sustainability. Its innovative solutions aim to conserve resources under the umbrella of “The Archroma Way to a Sustainable World: Safe, efficient, enhanced, it’s our nature”.

The partnership between Archroma and SFML is based on creating high synergy using three major Archroma solution systems which have been implemented in a circular pattern at SFML shop floor, aiming to add positive economic impact.

  • POWER COTTON - relates to producing powered cotton fabrics with up to five times higher abrasion resistance, creating opportunities for SFML to cater to larger foreign brands and venture into new markets.

Fabrics by Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited using the POWER COTTON system by Archroma (Photo: Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited)

  • ODOR CONTROL 2.0 - adopting a solution of a non-biocidal odor management system that brings faster odor absorption on washes and prevents permastink on fabrics;

Fabrics by Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited using the ODOR CONTROL system by Archroma (Photo: Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited)

  • WICK STOP - taking-up sustainable production which has a lesser impact on clothing quality.

Fabrics by Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited using the WICK STOP system by Archroma (Photo: Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited)

Mujtaba Rahim, CEO, Archroma Pakistan, commented, “We at Archroma, lay high emphasis on challenging the status quo. With a proactive approach in mind, our team has been successful in fostering a partnership with Sapphire Finishing Mills Ltd that will go a long way in building fruitful market dynamics and a win-win strategy for both. Our system solutions are well established in different international markets, and adopting the same solutions in the local market opens a new arena. I am confident that SFML and Archroma will be able to set a shining example of collaboration.”

"To keep up with the rapidly evolving global market, we are working tirelessly to offer flexible woven fabrics and apparel solutions. Our mission is to bring innovation through sustainability by envisioning a futuristic approach at every step of textile production and distribution. By collaborating with Archroma, I can reliably say that we are in the business of weaving a great partnership." added Yousuf Abdullah, CEO, Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited.

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