Archroma Mexico has achieved a remarkable feat that deserves our heartfelt appreciation and applause. They have been honored with the prestigious Certificate of Integral Responsibility by ANIQ (Asociación Nacional de la Industria Química), making them the trailblazers in Latin America for this commendable accomplishment.

This significant recognition is a testament to Archroma Mexico's commitment to being a responsible and sustainable player in the chemical sector. Throughout the certification process, they showcased exemplary dedication and adherence to the highest standards in health, safety, and environmental protection. Their continuous efforts to address the concerns of society and promote continuous improvement have set them apart as leaders in the industry.

Archroma Mexico successfully fulfilled the six crucial aspects of responsible practices required for this certification:

  • Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution
  • Security and Health at Work
  • Process Safety
  • Transportation and Distribution
  • Product Safety
  • Community Protection

Achieving this remarkable milestone was made possible by the collective efforts of the Archroma Mexico team. Working hand in hand with their colleagues from Sitio Salvatierra and Sitio Santa Clara, they displayed strong dedication and unity throughout the seven-day certification process.

Please join us in appreciating the efforts of Archroma Mexico. Their commitment to responsible practices and sustainable operations has not only earned them this prestigious certification but has also set an inspiring example for the entire Archroma team.

Once again, congratulations to Archroma Mexico for this outstanding recognition!

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