FEIQUE, the Business Federation of the Spanish Chemical Industry, has awarded Archroma Spain for achieving a "zero accidents" rate in 2023 at its sites in Prat and Castellbisbal. The awards ceremony was held at the CEOE headquarters and attended by Rosa Santos, Director of the Department of Employment, Diversity, and Social Protection at CEOE, along with Juan Antonio Labat, FEIQUE's General Director.

These awards recognize the exemplary dedication of chemical companies to ensuring the safety and health of their workers, reflecting a strong culture of prevention and continuous improvement within the sector.

During the event, FEIQUE also unveiled the 2023 Chemical Sector Occupational Accident Report, detailing accidents with sick leave (LTA - Lost Time Accident) from the previous year and statistical indices related to safety and health across FEIQUE-associated companies.

According to the Report, data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy shows that the chemical sector reported an accident incidence rate of 9 in 2023 (accidents per thousand exposed individuals), significantly lower than the industry average (4.62 times lower), the national average (2.87 times lower), and the construction sector (6.5 times lower). These figures underscore the chemical industry's unwavering commitment to safety.

We extend our sincere thanks to our employees for their dedication and commitment that led to this significant achievement in safety. We remain steadfast in our ongoing commitment to prioritize safety as an integral part of our daily lives.

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