There is a reason why plastic straws are so popular: they are flexible, light, generally safe for the user. However, plastic straws are increasingly under scrutiny, just like all other single-use plastic items.

As single-use plastics are increasingly banned worldwide, paper straws are a great alternative for food & beverage (F&B) brands and consumers, and we indeed see them pop up in more and more coffee shops and supermarket alleys.

So, can paper straws eventually replace plastic straw? Can they display the same qualities that made plastic straws such a hit?

Let’s have a closer look.

Can paper straws be flexible?

The reason why straws need to be flexible is that they are used typically on the move, as well as by kids and disabled, ill or older people.

You don’t want a straw to be a hazard if the person misaims or falls.

That is not an issue with paper straws. The very facts that they are made of paper and get softer when in contact with liquids make them an ideal material for such users.

Can paper straws be light?

Paper straws are extremely light and are therefore a great substitute to plastic ones. This gives them the same advantages as plastic straws when we consider the transport footprint and the storage and manipulation by staff in F&B outlets.

Can paper straws be safe for the user?

One question that may arise is the safety of the straw ingredients, in particular the colors and treatments used to seal the paper against water.

All ingredients used in a production of a paper straw comply with food contact requirements.

That is why we love paper straws at Archroma – they are such a perfect illustration of “The Archroma Way to a Sustainable World: Safe, efficient, enhanced, it’s our nature”.


Paper straws are safe for humans - and turtles! especially when made with the right ingredients by Archroma.


Paper straws are efficient; they last just as long as they need to.


Paper straws are made of a beautiful natural material, they can be colorful and trendy, and they are so much more sustainable as plastic ones!

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