Are you reach ready for the June 1, 2018 deadline? More important, are you r chemical suppliers reach ready?

REACH is an EU regulation providing that, starting June 1, 2018, all “chemical substances” produced and imported in EU over 1 ton/year will have to be registered under REACH. The textile and paper chemical products available on the EU market are mainly formulations of several substances. REACH obligations applies to each individual ingredient of a commercial formulation.

EU importers of textile and paper chemicals might not have the knowledge on the full composition of the imported 3rd party formulations and can therefore not ensure REACH compliance of each ingredient. Our expert chemical management system allows us a full control on our composition and each ingredient is considered.


Archroma has just announced that we are on schedule for the last REACH registration deadline on June 1, 2018, with more than 200 chemical substances registered under REACH. Our customers can count on stable supply.

Don’t risk supply disruptions.

Check with your supply sources that they have secured the REACH registrations for their portfolio for June 1, 2018 onwards. If they haven’t started, it may already be too late!

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