Archroma’s acquisition of the textile business of the Huntsman Corporation in February 2023 brought together two industry powerhouses to create an expanded organization with the resources to help build a more sustainable future for the textile, fashion, packaging, paper, paints and construction industries.

Integrating the two businesses over the past year has substantially changed our manufacturing network, introducing new production locations and different manufacturing processes. It has also evolved our textile dyes and specialty chemicals product offerings, creating the industry’s most extensive product portfolio. Most importantly, our combined team has embraced a distinct Archroma culture that encompasses our mission and values, working practices, business processes and mindsets.

A key factor in the integration has been the revision and alignment of our environmental, social and governance (ESG) approaches and our environmental data collection scopes and methodologies. That process is now complete, and we are announcing a set of sustainable operations targets to help us leverage operational excellence to achieve our sustainability goals.

“Archroma’s commitment to sustainable solutions is pivotal to every aspect of our operations, and we are proud of our part in driving the sustainability agenda for our industry. As we advance our ESG goals, we are seeking to harness innovation and partnerships to make an even bigger impact as we create even more value for customers,” Mark Garrett, Archroma Group CEO, says.

“This is reflected in our own operations through our new environmental targets. These are set within a broad framework that covers water, energy, waste and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. And they are ambitious! To meet them, the whole Archroma team will need to think creatively, support one another and work together to enhance operations and sustainability hand in hand.”

Ambitious environmental operations targets

From FY2024 to FY2030, Archroma will reduce key climate and environmental parameters, as follows*:

Our GHG emissions target of a 30% reduction in the GHG emissions related to our own production encompasses a 20% reduction in absolute Scope 1 emissions and a 40% reduction in absolute Scope 2 emissions. Scope 1 emissions are direct emissions from our plants and processes, while Scope 2 emissions are indirect emissions from the energy we consume.

In the coming year, we will work to develop a near-term Scope 3 target for indirect emissions from our value chain. While this is challenging, we remain committed to putting both short-term and long-term GHG reduction targets in place in line with the Science Based Targets initiative framework.

* Baseline FY2023

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