With the Women’s World Cup set to kick off in New Zealand and Australia this week, fans worldwide are getting ready to be part of what will be the biggest standalone women’s sports event ever and one of the fastest growing professional sports to date.

The heightened interest in women’s football and the increased visibility of female sports players is expected to boost female participation in physical activity and sports in general.

Ahead of this international sporting event, we ran a survey to ask our female colleagues about the sports they enjoy and how they select sportswear. Respondents cited a range of activities, from badminton, tennis and bowling to outdoor pursuits such as running, hiking, climbing, golf and cycling. Yoga is a popular choice for many in both Asia and Europe, along with gym-based fitness classes or fun days out with children playing football and frisbee in the park.

Regardless of how they stay active, the women of Archroma agree that access to the right sportswear is crucial. Clothing that is made for women and designed to be comfortable, high-performance and stylish enhances the sports experience and encourages participation.

What matters most to women choosing sports apparel or activewear? Here are a few insights from colleagues who regularly buy sportswear, athleisure wear and outdoor apparel for themselves and their families:

Overall, the topmost important attributes identified were:

  • Moisture management for garments that keep you cool and dry
  • Soft and flexible fabrics for outstanding comfort and fit
  • Wash-fastness for colors that stay bright for a long time
  • More sustainable and safer fabrics, dyes and textile chemicals

While everyone mentioned at least one of these attributes, and the majority cited two or more, other functional properties also came up. Odor control technologies are useful in all settings. Sustainable waterproofing was key for outdoor enthusiasts, along with sun protection and light weight. Bright colors and fashionable styles are also preferred.

As the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading sportswear, activewear, outdoor and athleisure brands, Archroma offers sustainable and innovative solutions that help them stay ahead of the game. From spinning and sizing to pretreatment, optical brightening, dyeing and printing, and finishing, we work with brands to deliver garments that perform and protect against the elements, while respecting the planet.

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